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Croftpak Ltd

375ml Iwi Tawhito Kaariki Claret Glass

375ml Iwi Tawhito Kaariki Claret Glass

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This 375ml Antique Green Claret Glass Bottle (Also known as "The Half Bottle") isn't just for oil, vinegar, and wine -- it can be a message in a bottle, a candle holder, or a funky vase! Unusual and quirky, it adds an extra special touch to any room. Get one (or two) today!

Interesting Fact #Wine Aging and Preservation: The smaller size of the 375ml claret bottle made it convenient for wines that need less aging. Smaller bottles age more quickly due to a higher ratio of liquid to air, which can accelerate the maturation process. This made them suitable for wines meant to be consumed relatively young.

Unit Cost $1.41 each (Bottle/Capcombo)


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