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Sorry we are having issues at the moment with our website shipping costs.

At present you can only select pick up or shipping cost added later, please process your order and we will add on the shipping and send you an invoice for the full amount including freight costs.

Sorry for this inconvience, we will get this fixed as soon as possible. 

"Don't just pack it, "CroftPAK it" 

Welcome to our online store where we try to accomodate to everyone, whether you are looking for ONE item or ONE MILLION items. 

Our products for sale on our website are prepacked  to ensure that when they are delivered you will find them undamaged. :)

If you don't find the quantity you are looking for, please contact us directly and our freindly team will do their very best to help. 

You can contact us directly @ sales@croftpak.co.nz or ring us directly on (03) 341 0926